Pigmentation Correction

Who is a good candidate for Pigmentation Correction?

The GentleMax Photo Rejuvenation Treatment is ideal for anyone seeking to soften an uneven complexion, reduce freckles or lighten age spots and melasma. Hyperpigmentation, or a darkening of the skin, can develop over years and is caused by a variety of reasons including sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations or acne scarring. Now you can erase them over lunch with Candela’s GentleMax Photo Rejuvenation Treatment which offers a fast, non-invasive and reliable solution to hyperpigmented skin.

How does Pigmentation Correction work?

Excess melanin in the skin draws the laser in and forces it to break down the pigmented cells. By targeting only unwanted spots, the laser is able to safely reduce or eliminate blemishes on the face and body without compromising the safety of the surrounding skin. Treatments are spread out over 1-3 sessions with results showing in less than a week. 

Is Pigmentation Correction safe?

When performed by qualified professionals, Photo Rejuvenation Treatment is a safe and simple, FDA approved procedure that has been used for years to treat a variety of cosmetic and medical issues.  At Flash Lab, our technicians are certified laser specialists as well as licensed estheticians who provide consults before every session to ensure your skin is properly prepped and safe for treatment. 

What does Pigmentation Correction feel like?

While certain treatments are more intense than others, Photo Rejuvenation is typically a breeze. Pulses are spread out according to the areas that need to be attended to, so rather than zapping large segments at a time, the laser is only triggered at unwanted legions making for an easily manageable session. The zaps are likened to a warm rubber band snap and the sensation is quickly dulled by a cooling compress. 

How should I prepare for my Pigmentation Correction?

Please avoid significant sun exposure for at least two weeks before your treatment. You'll want to arrive to your appointment with skin which is clean and make-up free. 

What can I expect after my Pigmentation Correction?

Minor swelling or redness can occur in the area surrounding the pigmentation for a matter of minutes or hours post treatment. You can expect the spots that were treated to crust up and shed over the course of a few days. For this reason, exercise should be suspended to allow for proper healing on areas like the arms and legs that would chafe against clothing. Results are typically seen after a week and then more gradually over the course of a number of sessions. 

What technology does Flash Lab use for Pigmentation Correction?

Flash Lab uses the FDA approved Candela GentleYag, one of the most advanced systems for Photo Rejuvenation the esthetics industry has to offer. The Yag is not only safe and effective for all skin types, but lightweight and easily operable, a unique quality which is rarely addressed when weighing the benefits of one machine over another. Simply put, when our job is easier, you get a better treatment. Candela's ergonomically designed, fast-pulsing hand piece leaves your technician free to concentrate on what’s most important: targeting all unwanted pigmentation. 

Since no two clients are alike, we offer complimentary consultations prior to the purchase of any packages, to ensure that your treatments are tailored specifically for you and your skin type. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!