TCA Chemical Peels

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Who is a good candidate for TCA Peels?

Anyone looking to have brighter, younger skin will fall in love with this quick and easy, non-invasive solution for fine lines, pigmentation, melasma and acne. 

How do TCA Peels work?

TCA (trichloracetic acid) is a non-toxic chemical which is used to break down dead cells and exfoliate the top layers of your skin in order to expose a fresh layer of undamaged skin which has a smoother texture and more even color. Best results are often seen after a series of three to six sessions. 

Are TCA Peels safe?

TCA peels have been safely used to treat a variety of skin conditions for over 20 years. Flash Lab utilizes a medium depth, medical grade solution which we can customize to suit each client's specific needs. As with any medical treatment, the experience of your technician is key and the Flash Lab staff has been working with a variety of peels and exfoliants for the last decade. We've found TCA Peels to be the safest and most effective method of chemical exfoliating at this depth. 

What do TCA Peels feel like?

When the Peel is first applied you'll feel the skin begin to warm and tingle. Occasionally clients require a small fan for the duration of the application as their skin heats up however discomfort is minimal and only lasts around three to five minutes. 

How should I prepare for my TCA Peel treatment?

Before applying the Peel your technician will prep your skin with a special cleanser however Flash Lab always recommends that you arrive for your appointment with clean skin which is free of makeup or moisturizers. 

What should I expect during my TCA Peel treatment?

Your total treatment time will be around twenty minutes. First your technician will clean and degrease the skin. The peel will then be applied. The number of layers will depend on your skin's specific needs but will only remain on your skin for around fifteen minutes. After the peel is removed a moisturizing sun block will be applied. 

What should I expect after my TCA Peel treatment?

Your skin may feel hot and tight immediately following your treatment and for anywhere up to 48 hours after that. Peeling typically begins to occur on the third day and ends sometime on the sixth or seventh day. For this reason we suggest timing your treatment to have the peeling phase occur over a weekend or around any special events you may have. After peeling has subsided you can expect to see brighter, healthier looking skin right away!