Clear and Brilliant 


Who is a good candidate for Clear and Brilliant?

For anyone seeking to begin a preventive maintenance program, our non-invasive fractional laser provides incredible resurfacing capabilities. Monthly treatments will improve your skin's overall texture by minimizing pore size, reducing fine lines and stimulating collagen production to promote firmness and elasticity keeping you fresh, young and visibly illuminated. Additionally, the Clear and Brilliant is second to none when it comes to correcting hormonal discolorations like melasma or age spots as well as increasing your skin's permeability to enhance the effectiveness of products. And because it's non-ablative, this treatment will leave you with minimal cosmetic downtime, a luxury not afforded by more invasive and deeper penetrating laser facials. 

How does Clear and Brilliant Work?

With Clear and Brilliant you'll experience balanced, brilliant and on-going results due to the even and organized distribution of energy that you won't find in other lasers. Fractional technology operates by creating micro injuries to only a portion of the cells, leaving the remaining healthy ones to initiate healing and regrowth, creating stronger, younger and healthier skin. 

Is Clear and Brilliant Safe?

Clear and Brilliant doesn't penetrate as deeply as some of the more intense ablative lasers which means that the risk of side effects are less and the downtime is minimal, however as with any laser treatment, the true safety test is the experience of your technician. All Flash Lab staff have undergone training by the manufacturer and are licensed estheticians as well as certified laser technicians. This safety trifecta ensures that all of our clients are exceptionally cared for while receiving the most effective treatments. 

What does Clear and Brilliant feel like?

There can be mild levels of discomfort during your treatment (a light heating effect) as well as a tightening sensation for up to 24 hours after. For more sensitive clients we offer a numbing cream prior to your session. 

How should I prepare for my Clear and Brilliant Treatment?

Please avoid significant sun exposure and the use of retinols for at least two weeks before your treatment. Your skin will have to be clean and makeup free. 

What can I expect after my Clear and Brilliant Treatment?

Downtime after your laser facial will be minimal. Some redness will occur and a tightening sensation can be felt for up to 24 hours after your session. After that your skin will brown and stiffen slightly. This can last for up to four days after which dead cells will slough off. Makeup can be applied the day following your treatment. Beyond that expect to see vibrant, fresh and visibly younger skin indefinitely!